• What are the costs of renting the venue?

    Your rental cost depends on the day of the week and hour useage. Please see our rates page for a complete breakdown of options.

    Aside from your balance, we require a:

    $500 refundable security deposit,

    Liability insurance (generally $1/guest, acquired through an insurance provider, such as theEventHelper or your own personal homeowners or business insurance policy)

    Alcohol permits (if serving; purchased through the Washington State Liquor Board.)

    (The Great Hall does not have corking fees or any other such items.)

  • What's included in the rental cost?

    Rental includes:

    Tables and chairs - we do not set these up for you; you will be responsible for set up and take down, but they will be available on-site.

    WiFi access - please do not plan on streaming videos as the signal is limited.

    PA system (wired mic, 2 mackie speakers, mixer, 3.5mm audio cord) - this will be set up for you on request, but you will be responsible for running it during your event.

    Trash bins - Roughly (8) 33 gallon bins will be on-site. You will need to provide trash bags and haul out all trash and recycling at the end of your event. (Do not dump in neighboring dumpsters!)

  • What isn't included in the rental cost?

    We do not provide the following items:



    Wireless mic


    Any tables, chairs, furniture outside of the listed items.

  • How can I reserve a date?

    We can offer a complimentary, soft 1-week hold on available dates. After this period, a non-refundable deposit of half of the rental fee is required in order to place a hard hold on a date. If the date is less than 3 months out, the full balance is required in order to place a hard hold.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We take both check and credit card - here are instructions on either:

    Card - call Alyson (owner) during Monday-Friday 9am-6pm business hours: 206.517.9909

    Check - made payable to Great Hall Green Lake, LLC with date of the event noted on the check. Mailed or dropped off to: Great Hall at Green Lake, 7220 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

    Please note that payments are non-refundable. Dates, however, can be adjusted assuming availability.

  • What does the payment schedule look like?

    Step 1: Deposit - this is half of the rental fee (or full amount if less than 3 months out). Paid either by check or card (see above section for details).

    Step 2: Contract - please fill out our inquiry form so that we might use this information to get started on a contract draft for you.

    Step 3: 3 months out from the event date - we require payment of the remaining balance at this time, as well as the $500 refundable security deposit (via the means above). Proof of liability insurance as well as any alcohol permits should also be sent.

  • Can we get in / set up early?

    All set-up and clean-up needs to happen within your rental time. You are welcome to purchase additional time should you need it (cost is your balance divided by your hours, ex: 12 hours for $2400 would be $200 / additional hour.)

  • What are parking options for the venue?

    The Great Hall does not have dedicated parking - there is free, residential street parking to the west, pay, commercial street parking to the east, and a pay lot under PCC (one block away.)

    There is also a Park-and-Ride just under I-5 at roughly 65th and 8th St, which works well if you have a person offering to shuttle people back and forth (or there are services which can do this, such as First Student Charter Bus.)

    Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare programs are highly recommended for the venue (especially if alcohol is being served.)

    For weekend events, we are able to secure 2.5 spaces next to the Northwest corner of the building utilizing city No Parking signs. We recommend using these spaces for load-in / load-out purposes and finding parking elsewhere when you are done actively loading so as to allow others in the event to use the space. Please note that while the city provides these free of charge to us, there are no means to enforce them. We suggest pulling the signs into the streets when the spaces are not being used so that the public does not park there.

  • What do we do with trash at the end of the event?

    All large trash / recycling / compost needs to leave the venue with you at the end of the event. We do not have a commercial dumpster on site, so you will be responsible for these items.

    Oftentimes catering can give you a quote on this, or you are welcome to have friends / family haul (we recommend trucks or SUVs for this - they can be rented nearby at Handy Andy or Home Depot.) There are also separate services such as Ladybug Events which can handle event trash.

    There is a minimum fee of $100 for leftover trash. When planning for your event, we suggest accounting for 9 bags of (33 gallon) trash to haul - more if you are bringing in larger amounts of food / disposable items.

  • How can we decorate?

    You are welcome to affix items to the walls only using blue painter's tape. Any other adhesive material may damage our walls. There is a minimum $70 charge for stripped paint.

    Please think of the space as a large AirBnb - make good judgements in what might leave damage and always ask for clarification if you are unsure.

    We strongly suggest against loose items that will lead to additional clean up time (such as petals, paper strips, etc.) You are welcome to bring these items, but if you do not clean them up at the end of your event it may lead to charges against your security deposit.

  • What items are not allowed?

    Please do not bring the following items:

    Helium balloons (flat air is okay)

    Confetti / Glitter

    Fog / Smoke machines

    Naked candles (candles in votives are okay)

    Sparklers / fireworks of any sort